NOLA Research Works is dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate care to patients while offering access to cutting edge clinical research. 

Research works by providing comprehensive care at no cost to the qualified patient.

Our Story

NOLA Research Works was co-founded by Kaye Doiron, CEO of Women Under Study, a clinical trial organization with a focus on women's health, and Dr. Viv Huilgol, gastroenterologist of NOLA Gastro.

NRW aims to broaden the scope of research services provided to all residents of greater New Orleans. 

Research works, as the name suggests, is an important philosophy. By providing access to medications,  opportunities arise for qualified patients to have access to care they wouldn't otherwise receive. The information gathered benefits both them and others - it is a form of altruism and community service. 

We work with dedicated physicians and research groups, provide quality care and conduct meaningful research.

As patient, colleague or industry partner, we welcome you to join us at NOLA Research Works to benefit one and all.